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'Active Steps to Learning' Pedometer Pack for Schools

This pack is designed specifically for use in school as an 'off-the-shelf' resource. It contains all the materials required to implement a pedometer-based walking programme for Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3 students both in the classroom and for extracurricular activities.

The pack comprises Step Counters (pedometers) in a sturdy compartment box and a Teachers Manual containing 20 x Lesson Plans based on subject areas across the curriculum (e.g. Maths, Science, Geography, P.E.) with clearly stated Intended Learning Outcomes. All supporting documentation necessary is included in the manual and can be photocopied. In terms of the number of pedometers, four different pack sizes are available - 30, 34, 38 and 40.

Pack Contents

Education Pack

Step Counters (pedometers). See below for different pack sizes and prices
Security Straps to help against loss/damage of Step Counters
A sturdy compartment box
A 33 page Teachers Manual
20 Lesson Plans for Key Stage 2 & 3 students, based on several subject areas, with clearly stated ILOs
Photocopiable Materials that support the Lesson Plans including a Steps to Distance Conversion Chart
Several sets of numbered stickers with which to personalise the pedometers

The Step Counter (pedometer)

Pedometer-for-Education The Step Counter used in the pack is a model called the 'Silva ex Step'
It comes with a Security Strap as standard - providing additional security against loss/damage
It has been tried and tested over many years within the education environment
It is simple to use, with no complex settings
It has a 'filter function' that prevents accidental movements from being counted as steps, thereby improving its accuracy

Features of the Silva ex Step include:

Very easy to use - just clip it on and go Filter function
Strong clip 2-year guarantee1
Counts number of steps Large display
Difficult to reset accidentally Free security strap
Accurate Replaceable battery (LR44)
Reliable Lightweight (18g)

1Excluding wear and tear and the battery


Prices, excluding VAT, are outlined below

Item Price Product Code
Pack containing 30 pedometers 280.68 SPE-30 shopping cart Buy online
Pack containing 34 pedometers 316.64 SPE-34 shopping cart Buy online
Pack containing 38 pedometers 352.60 SPE-38 shopping cart Buy online
Pack containing 42 pedometers 388.56 SPE-42 shopping cart Buy online

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Additional Step Counters can be purchased individually. Click here for pricing information


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