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Omron Walking Style IV

Tri-axis technology means this pedometer can be carried in the pocket, in a bag or worn round the neck on a lanyard (optional accessory - click here for details). It comes with a security strap.

This model counts steps as well as 'aerobic steps' (i.e. those taken when walking more than 60 steps/min for 10 mins+). It also calculates distance (miles or kms), calories burned (kcal) and has a clock.

It resets itself to zero at midnight and has a memory function that records data for a 7-day period (reviewable at any point).

It has an Action Mode which records values for a specific walking session and these are kept separate to the overall daily values.

During set-up your stride-length is automatically calculated using your height setting, however, you can still insert your own value if you prefer.

An energy saving feature saves battery power. When needed, the battery is easy to replace, requiring no tools.

The filter function reduces the registration of movements that are not part of your walk thereby increasing its accuracy.

omron ws iv

Discounted prices, excluding VAT, are outlined below (RRP is £31.75). Payments accepted

Number of Units Unit Price Product Code
1 £23.80 PWS4
2-5 £22.97 PWS4A
6-10 £22.05 PWS4B
11+ Price on application

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Features of the Omron Walking Style IV include:

Counts number of steps Automatic reset to zero at midnight
Counts 'aerobic steps' 7-day memory (reviewable)
Calculates distance (miles or kms) Can record data for a specific walk/session
Calculates calories burned (kcal) Filter function
Can be worn round neck (lanyard optional extra) Security strap included
Can be carried in a pocket/bag 2-year warranty 1
Has a clock Replaceable battery (CR2032)

1 Excluding wear and tear and the battery

Free with every Omron Walking Style IV
Safety Strap

Omron WS4 Pages from the Quick Step Guide

A 6-Week Walking Programme (& Quick Start Guide) containing:

How to set-up and operate the Omron Walking Style IV
A programme to safely increase the number of steps you take each week
A log so that you can keep a record of how you are progressing
A conversion chart to help you convert your steps to miles or kilometres

Pedometer Packs

For ease of transportation and storage the Omron Walking Style IV can also supplied in compartment boxes. Price on application.


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