The NHS Walk4Life initiative (part of its Change4Life scheme) outlines just how good everyday walking is for all the family (see below).

Walking and exercise: did you know?
  • Walking is good for bones and muscles: helping your kids grow up big and strong
  • It burns calories: in fact a brisk walk burns the same amount of calories as a run over the same distance!
  • It builds stamina
  • It helps beat stress: walking can make you feel good and more relaxed
  • It can cut your risk of heart disease by up to 50%, reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes and the risk of some cancers
  • It boosts your immune system for 24 hours
  • It can even lower your blood pressure
    (Source: NHS Change4Life)

Using a pedometer is an excellent way to keep track of how much walking you do. It enables you to set goals for the future, helping to keep you motivated. Pedometers can also make walking fun by involving friends and colleagues at work - you could set up a walk challenge for example. Also, many schools use them for educational purposes as well as promoting exercise.

Be-Active is a specialist company supplying pedometers to the NHS, local government, cardiac rehabilitation clubs, walking groups and individuals across the UK.

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NHS and local government
Purchase Orders accepted